IDI Fabrication Inc.

IDI Fabrication Inc. produces a wide variety of highly engineered parts from insulating plastic materials and film, and is the world-recognized leader in a variety of distinct product markets:

  • Flame Resistant Glass Polyester (FRP) Sheet

  • High Temperature Flexible Insulation

  • Die-cut and Fabricated Parts

  • Slitting and Custom Converting

IDI Fabrication works hand-in-hand with customers to select an appropriate material. We then design and sample finished parts to ensure that they meet required specifications. IDI Fabrication offers a comprehensive array of services including stamping, die-cutting, slitting, rewinding, sheeting, custom conversion, and a wide range of secondary assembly options. Because IDI Fabrication is fully integrated, our proucts are more cost competitive than our competition. Our products are a perfect solution for numerous markets, and are ideal for the automotive, consumer products, aerospace, technology, appliance, motors and medical markets.

IDI Fabrication maintains the highest quality standards and is registered ISO 9001 & 14001. We offer three distinct product categories to our clients - custom fabricated products, fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) sheet laminate and Slitting and Custom Converting. All meet NEMA and international electrical standards and serve a wide variety of markets offering a host of benefits over other material solutions. IDI Fabrication also manufactures RoHS compliant and UL Certified GPO (Glass Polyester) which retains the best electrical and physical properties of both polyester resin and fiberglass.